Recent Projects

Specialized Solutions


Reactive Material Enhanced Warheads

DET, teamed with the Naval Surface Warfare Center, developed and demonstrated an anti-air warhead that projects fragments of reactive material, which provides a catastrophic kill capability.


Mongoose Rapid Demining System

DET was responsible for the design, development, and production engineering of the shaped charges used in this rapid mine-clearing system.


Linear Explosively Formed Penetrator

This variant of an EFP, a counterpart of a linear shaped charge, was developed for the rapid destruction of hedgehog-type battlefield obstacles.


Humanitarian Demining Flare

DE Technologies has been the lead designer for the offensive warhead variant for the Navy’s next generation small torpedo class, the Compact Very Light Weight Torpedo (CVLTW) platform.

ADU 876 Adapter

ADU-876 Adapter

DET has completed a multi-year, multimillion dollar production run of this unit which is used to transport 500 lb. bombs.

AirSips Parts

Arsips Handling Tool

DET has completed multiple production runs of this product which is used to position the nose of a missile to its body.

Cradle Assembly

Cradle Assembly

DET recently finished production of this item which is used to transport Sidewinder missiles.